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"Polaris rack"

  • 23-25 April 2014: Women in HPC Launch and Training

    Women in HPC (WiHPC) is a new network initiative that aims to supports collaboration and networking by bringing together female High Performance Computing (HPC) scientists, researchers, developers, users and technicians from across the UK.

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  • 28th April: EPSRC - Software for the Future II Submission Deadline

    In both the recently published EPSRC E-infrastructure roadmap and the EPSRC Software as an Infrastructure strategy, the importance of software development and the need to invest in people and training in this area has been strongly highlighted. Read More

  • Scientific Computing World February/March 2014

    Two of our N8 HPC users have been mentioned in this month’s issue of scientific computing world. The article covers how Dr Chris Greenwell, of the department of Earth Sciences at the University of Durham, uses molecular modelling to study the structure and properties of mineral Surfaces. Gilberto Teobaldi, of the University of Liverpool, is also mentioned, Dr Teobaldi runs atomistic simulations to study new materials using N8 HPC.

    The article discusses how high performance computing is a valuable asset in the discovery of new compounds. To read the article, follow the link and go to page 31.

  • 11th April 2014 : EMIT - Emerging Technology Conference 2014

    Computational hardware is changing rapidly. Two decades ago, all we needed to know was the speed of upcoming hardware, not its form or the state of its software frameworks. This is no longer true with new and novel highly parallel computing architectures that are in a state of constant flux being unveiled all the time.

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  • Technology Strategy Board Feasibility Studies Funding

    The Technology Strategy Board has recently announced a brand new competition for feasibility studies with up to two million pounds available. The competition is open only to small and micro companies and they will fund up to 75% of a successful pre-industrial research study. Read More


N8 HPC is an EPSRC funded initiative involving the N8 Research Partnership. The aims are to:

  • seed engagement between industry and academia around research using e-infrastructure
  • develop skills in the use of e-Infrastructure across the N8 partnership
  • share the asset of skills and equipment across the N8 partnership via the facilitation of networks of people

The initial investment will provide a focus for the aims above, comprising:

  • Centre - a distributed team of experts to help with optimising time-to-solution and industrial engagement

  • Facilities - a Tier 2 SGI 5,000+ core high performance computing facility

A key aspect of N8 HPC is industrial collaborations and we invite those with potential interest to contact us.

Accessing N8 HPC

N8 HPC facilites are available to all researchers based at N8 institutions subject to a light weight peer review. For more details on how to access the facility, please see "Getting Started".