Please note that we are currently not accepting applications for N8 HPC.  Please watch the website for news of our new service which will be launched in the coming months.

N8 HPC is available for use by all researchers based at N8 partner sites subject to a simple application procedure and a light weight peer review process done by your own institution.

Application Process

Getting access to N8 HPC facilities is a simple two stage process.

1. Project Application

The project lead (PI) should complete a N8 HPC Project Account form which asks some basic questions regarding the research to be carried out on the facility and some simple technical requirements.  If you have any problems filling in this form your first point of contact should be your local helpdesk.  All project applications are reviewed and approved in your local institution. Applications will be assessed on suitability of the research to the facilities (i.e. could you be using Tier 3 institutional facilities?) and other factors such as industrial and cross N8 collaboration.

Please note that we ask that PIs are permanent members of staff at their institution, this will allow us to have a permanent contact for project reporting purposes.

2. User Account Application

If the project application is approved, the next step is for all researchers associated with that project to apply for a user account.