ARCHER Porting & Optimisation Workshop at University of Birmingham on April 4th

The EPCC working with the University of Birmingham has an excellent opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance and individually tailored advice from high-performance computing specialists about how best to make use of ARCHER. Attendees will be given accounts on ARCHER for the workshop, with dedicated access on the day to significant portions of the machine. The workshop is designed to see if ARCHER is for your computing needs, or as a way of helping driving your research forward. However the workshop aims to also tackle other F.A.Q including:

  • How can I port existing software – be it my own code or a third-party application?
  • How do I learn more about data management?

    The workshop is open to anyone wanting to use ARCHER and it is not restricted to current users. The workshop is free but there’s a preference to encourage applications from small teams of collaborators!

For more information and to register please visit
The registration form allows EU residents to apply for a travel bursary of up to £100 – register by Friday March 10th to be considered.

Collaborations Workshop 2017

The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshops series brings together everyone from the research software community from managers to funders and this year is looking like no exception. Boasting a diverse and well rounded set of events this year’s theme will be The Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Data: implications for research. All members of the research software community are invited to discuss and attend the Collaborations Workshop 2017 (CW17) on 27th-29th March, in Leeds. With Microsoft as their primary sponsor and featuring key note speakers such as: Usman Haque (the founder of Umbrellium) and  Tom Forth ( founder of imactive) the event is set to be both eye-opening and entertaining. As well as that with there are over 30 lightning talks planned, discussions with speed blogging, ideas sessions, networking, a social programme, Hackday and prizes will all take place at the breathtaking  Leeds University Business School. Sounds interesting? Follow this link to register for the event. Furthermore the primary sponsor Microsoft, have very kindly offered free IoT kits and Cloud time to the first 100 to registers! So don’t wait, register now!

Hartree Centre’s HPC access programme now open

rsz_hartreecentreThe Hartree Centre is offering you the opportunity to utilise their cutting edge HPC technology, Intel® Xeon Phi™, in order to stimulate your research. The Intel Xeon Phi (Knight’s Corner generation) is an accelerator co-processor using a many core architecture; with greater parallelism and larger number of cores (84) to make it the ideal development platform for you to start preparing your code or to get your results quicker. Sound interesting? All you need to do is download and fill out the application from their site, and return it to the Hartree Helpdesk ( before Friday February 16th. If successful, the Hartree Centre will offer you free usage of the computing resources between Monday February 27th and Friday May 26th. However, they will not provide any support or development effort to your project, so come prepared! The centre’s license is for academic use only so sadly, no commercial work can be utilised on the platform. Best of luck!

New Approaches to Atomistic & Quantum Simulation of Materials Event Feedback Form

We want to thank everyone who attended the New Approaches to Atomistic & Quantum Simulation of Materials Event in York on 6th January 2017. We are grateful to the 50 attendees and speakers travelling from all 8 of the N8 institutions to present their research early on a January morning. Not only did the event promote the research undertaken at the N8 universities but how essential the N8HPC is to this research. We would really appreciate anyone who attended this event to fill out THIS feedback form so we are able to improve the experience for our next event!

Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship Call

Applications are now open for the Software Sustainability Institute’s 2017 Fellowship programme.

What is the programme about?

The Fellowship Programme run by the Software Sustainability Institute funds researchers in exchange for their expertise and advice.

The main goals of the programme are to engage with individuals who are passionate about research software use and/or development.  SSI will help support the Fellows to understand better the challenges faced by their domains and help support them as ambassadors for better software practices in their areas of working and Institutions.

Being a Fellow also helps you develop skills and knowledge in the area of software sustainability, empowers you to speak on sustainability issues and network with like-minded individuals from a wide variety of research areas.

Each Fellow is allocated £3,000 to spend over fifteen months. The funding is flexible to support activities that are beneficial to both the Fellows and the Institute: for instance, to fund travel to conferences, to setup and run workshops, to organise software sustainability sessions at domain conferences, or to host, organise or teach at Software Carpentry or similar training events.

Fellows are drawn from a wide range of areas, experience, and career stages.  Read more about awarded Fellowships in previous years on the SSI website.

The Fellowship is open to UK based applicants.  Application details can be found on the SSI website.  Applications must be received by 2nd October 2016.

Who is it for?

If you are:

  • A researcher who uses and/or develops software
  • A Research Software Engineer
  • An advocate for best practice in research software use or development
  • A leader of a project or organisation that makes heavy use of research software
  • A user of research software
  • Anyone passionate about software in research

then the Fellowship Programme will be of interest to you.

How to apply

Visit the SSI Fellowship webpages for more information about the programme and how to submit an application.

Applicants at any career stage are being sought who can demonstrate a passion for their area, the ability to communicate ideas effectively, and a real interest in the role of software in research.

The Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship Programme is a chance to be empowered to talk about software in your research domain to a wider audience, network with others who share a passion for software in research, and learn about key skills to benefit you and those you collaborate with. Apply today!

Launch Webinar Fellows 2017

The upcoming Fellows 2017 launch webinar will take place on Friday 9th of September from 3.00pm to 4.30pm BST.

You will be able to find out more about the programme, the application process, existing Fellows experiences and have your questions answered.

For Further information

If you have a question about the Programme, please contact Shoaib Sufi, Institute Community Lead.

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