The Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations Workshops series brings together everyone from the research software community from managers to funders and this year is looking like no exception. Boasting a diverse and well rounded set of events this year’s theme will be The Internet of Things (IoT) and Open Data: implications for research. All members of the research software community are invited to discuss and attend the Collaborations Workshop 2017 (CW17) on 27th-29th March, in Leeds. With Microsoft as their primary sponsor and featuring key note speakers such as: Usman Haque (the founder of Umbrellium) and  Tom Forth ( founder of imactive) the event is set to be both eye-opening and entertaining. As well as that with there are over 30 lightning talks planned, discussions with speed blogging, ideas sessions, networking, a social programme, Hackday and prizes will all take place at the breathtaking  Leeds University Business School. Sounds interesting? Follow this link to register for the event. Furthermore the primary sponsor Microsoft, have very kindly offered free IoT kits and Cloud time to the first 100 to registers! So don’t wait, register now!