CP2K is a freely available open source program for atomistic simulation of condensed phase systems using various levels of theory from classical pair-potentials to Density Functional Theory and post-HF corrections (MP2, RPA, GW).  CP2K can do simulations of molecular dynamics, metadynamics, Monte Carlo, Ehrenfest dynamics, vibrational analysis, core level spectroscopy, energy minimization, and transition state optimization using NEB or dimer method.

The annual CP2K User Meeting will take place in Lincoln on Friday 12th of January 2018.  There will be a mixture of application talks and updates on some of the latest features available in CP2K.  This year’s keynote speaker will be Prof. Jorge Kohanoff from Queen’s University Belfast.

The event is open to all and travel funding is available for UK academics – please submit an estimate of your costs when you register.  Registration is open from now until the end of December 2017.