Overview of eclipse

  1. Integrated development environment for many languages. It is deployed on N8 to aid with debugging and profiling code.
  2. www.eclipse.org


Running eclipse
  1. module load york; module load eclipse
  2. It will prompt for a workspace, which is workspace in your home directory by default.
Licensing and Systems that have eclipse
  1. Eclipse licence. Free for academic use. (Link: to add)
  2. Version installed is Juno with Service Pack 1 (SR1)
  3. Additional features such as Parallel Tools Platform are installed.
  4. Eclipse is widely deployed on desktop systems.


Further Information


Monitoring Sun Grid Engine via Eclipse

  1. Open the System Monitoring perspective
  2. Add a monitor, select Grid Engine
  3. Configure monitor
  4. Change target name to polaris
  5. Set host to localhost if on head node
  6. set user to current user and password
  7. Double click on newly configured Grid Engine monitor (may need to interact)
  8. Start monitor (green triangle)