EPSRC is offering open access to five new Tier-2 High-Performance Computing facilities through a call for proposals. Free access to the facilities is through a two stage peer review process with an initial closing date of the 21st of September.  There will only be three calls a year for access to the facilities.

The five facilities users can access through this call are:

  • Cirrus HPC System – 10,000 core system based on Intel Xeon Broadwell
  • GW4 – Test bed for emerging architectures including ARM, GPU and Xeon Phi
  • CSD3 – 24,000 cores of Intel Xeon Skylake, 342 Intel Xeon Phi and 360 NVidia GPUs
  • HPC Midlands – 14,336 core system based on the Intel Xeon processor
  • National GPU facility JADE – 22 NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning systems

Further details on each of these systems can be found in the call document.

The aim of the call is to provide access to the national Tier-2 HPC facilities for adventurous high-risk, high-reward projects that will benefit from the diversity of computing architectures available at Tier-2.

A non-exclusive list of eligible projects includes:

  • Short computational projects that do not warrant a full grant application;
  • UK led collaborative projects with international and/or industry partners;
  • Joint applications from students (as Co-Is) with proven HPC experience and their PIs;
  • Projects that link consecutive standard grant applications or that aid the preparation of a grant or fellowship application;
  • Extended feasibility studies and trailing application developments at scale;
  • High-risk, high-reward projects that would benefit from using novel architectures.

If you are interested in applying then we are happy to help you with your application so please get in touch.