Please note that we are currently not accepting applications for N8 HPC.  Please watch the website for news of our new service which will be launched in the coming months.

Getting access to N8 HPC is a simple two stage process. All project applications are reviewed and approved in your local institution. Applications are assessed on suitability of the research for the facilities (i.e. could you be using Tier 3 institutional facilities?) and other factors such as industrial and cross N8 collaboration.


Project Account

In order to use the facilities you must apply for a N8 HPC Project Account. We ask that PIs are permanent members of staff at their institution, as this will allow us to have a permanent contact for project reporting purposes. You can also nominate a deputy who can deal with any project enquiries on your behalf.  The PI of the project should complete a Project application form which will then be reviewed by your local N8 HPC team. If approved a N8 HPC Project Code will be supplied by your local N8 HPC team contact. The Project PI should then distribute the project code to all research team members before they apply for user accounts.

In order to help you prepare the information required in advance, a N8 HPC Project Application pdf form is available. Please note this is for information only and you must submit the online form.


User Account

IMPORTANT WARNINGPlease read the application instructions carefully, as incorrect or incomplete applications may be unnecessarily delayed. If your account has not been created within a week please contact your local N8 HPC team.

Each user must apply for an individual user account. University of Leeds users should email to apply for individual user accounts, while users from other institutions should use the username application form. Please follow the instructions provided on the application page carefully, and ensure that:

  • From the Category drop down box select the External HPC User option and then from the Faculty drop down select the Remote Sites option. You should then be able to select your institution from the Department drop down.
  • Include the project code, as supplied by the Project PI, in the “Further information box”. Applications without a code will be rejected.
  • Include your institutional email address in the “Further information box”. Applications without an email address will be delayed.
  • Make a note of the user name and password details as these will be displayed on screen upon completion of the application form.

The application will be reviewed by your local N8 HPC team. If approved you will receive a welcome email and your account will be made active. Please note that the account will not be made active until you have received the welcome email.

Further clarification of the application process can be found in a presentation on how to get started with N8 HPC.


Forgotten passwords and password resets

A password will be issued upon account application. If the password is forgotten or needs to be reset for any reason, please contact the University of Leeds ISS Help Desk on 0113 343 3333, mentioning that you are an external user. Currently, password resets can only be done via this method.

To change your password, which you should do on a regular basis, please use the passwd command.


What to do if your circumstances change?

If your circumstances change please check to see if they are covered below.  If not then please contact your local helpdesk which should always be your first point of contact.

1. You are staying at your institution but your project has finished.

Please notify your local helpdesk.  Any users associated with the project will have two months to remove any data connected with that project from N8 HPC facilities within 2 months.

2. You are moving institutions and your project has finished.

Please see 1.

3. You are moving to another N8 institution and your project is still active.

Please notify your current local helpdesk and your new local helpdesk.  You will need to complete a new project application form at your new N8 institution and be issued with a new project account.  A copy of your original N8 HPC application is available on request if you no longer have it.

Any users associated with this project who also move to the same institution will have to apply for a new user account.  Any users who remain at the original institution will need the PIs approval to use the new project code.

Your old project account will be deleted so please ensure that all users are aware of the change of project code.

4. You are moving to non-N8 institution and your project is still active.

Please notify your current local helpdesk.  Any decision to allow access after you have left the institution will be decided by your current institution.  If you have been allowed any period of access you will have two months to remove any data from N8 HPC facilties once this comes to an end.