Overview of GS2

  1. This is an application for high frequency tokamak plasma investigations
  2. gyrokinetics.sourceforge.net/gs2_documentation
Running the GS2
  1. gs2 is available in multiple flavours based on compiler and MPI type.
  2. To run gs2 the following modules need to be loaded (there may be some simplification in the future):module load bit/64 york intel openmpi fftw/2.1.5 netcdf gs2
  3. Once modules are loaded gs2 can be run under SGE with mpirun gs2 inputspecfile > outputfile.txt which then creates filesinputspecfile.out.nc andinputspecfile_netCDF.nc
  4. An example script and data is provided in /apps/york/applications/gs2/examples
  5. Scaling results are pending checking.


Licensing and Systems that have gs2
  1. Licensing information pending
  2. Developed by Peter Buxton et al, York Plasma Institute.
  3. 2013-01-22 (date of svn checkout)
  4. York Plasma Institute also supports this code.


Further Information
  1. No other detailed requirements.
  2. First point of contact should be the York help desk.