Overview of boost

  1. Library of functions for scientific programming in C++
  2. www.boost.org


Running the boost
  1. For the default version: module load york; module load boost
  2. This is a library and so the header files must be included and the library files linked to. Header files are provided in the directory referenced via the environment variable $N8HPC_BOOST/include and library files via$N8HPC_BOOST/lib. For information on which headers to use and libraries to link against please see the documentation at http://www.boost.org/


Licensing and Systems that have boost
  1. Boost Software Licence: http://www.boost.org/LICENSE_1_0.txt
  2. 1.53.0 (gcc only at present, intel to be added).
  3. Widely available.


Further Information
  1. See the release notes for lists of the changes in 1.53.0 and also an overview of the individual library elements, which are numerous and useful.
  2. Most parts of boost don’t need to be built as many parts are C++ template libraries with just a relatively few parts that are not. Boost itself uses its own custom build tool via a two-part process. The first is./boostrap.sh --prefix=installdestination and then running the command ./b2.