1. A mixed-mode level circuit simulator for use in electronics design work.ngspice.sourceforge.net/presentation.html
  2. citations: none at present
  3. ngspice.sourcforge.net
Running NGSpice
  1. To run load the york and ngspice module. This is available in the following flavours:
    1. 24-noX which is ngspice 2.4 compiled without X11 support. I.e. module load york; module load ngspice/24-noX
    2. 2012-12-20-noX which is ngspice from the git repository on the specified date. I.e.module load york; module load ngspice/2012-12-20-noX
  2. For further information see ngspice.sourceforge.net/faq.html


Licensing and Systems that have NGSpice
  1. Licensing is slightly complex, but open source. See section 1.5 ofhttp://ngspice.sourceforge.net/faq.html
  2. Versions available
    1. 24-noX
    2. 2012-12-20-noX
    3. 24 (2.4 with X support)
    4. 2012-12-20 (git version with X support)
  3. Other (tier3) places to run application
    1. York


Further Information
  1. First point of contact should be the York help desk.
  2. Any notable build details
    1. All versions built with the Intel compilers.
    2. The compilers warn of some casts losing precision (e.g. casts between 32 and 16 bit types). This should be addressed by the developers.
    3. The build scripts assume gcc compilers and so complain about options for function export but still build valid code when using the intel compilers.
  3. Any notable details in using it with the module environment
    1. None
  4. Any notable details in using it e.g. command to launch it as a parallel program, special batch queue details
    1. None