We have listed N8-wide training available from each site, all N8 partners have indicated willingness to share training. Further details can be found by following the link to your institution’s training webpage. If you require more information, please contact the training co-ordinator listed at the bottom of the page.


Durham Cluster
Introduction to Fortran
Advanced Fortran
Intermediate MPI


No training is currently scheduled to take place at Lancaster.


Introduction to High Performance Computing
Introduction to Application Development on the High Performance Computing Service
Parallel Programming with MPI and MPI-IO
Introduction to Parallel Programming with OpenMP in Fortran and C


No training is scheduled to take place at Liverpool; however researchers are able to arrange courses via ARCHER.


The following courses are offered:
Introduction to Research Computing
Introduction to UNIX (Online)
Shells and Processes
Introduction to C/C++
Introduction to Fortran (Online)
Intermediate Fortran (Online)
Introduction to Python
Introduction to Optimisation
Introduction to Parallelism
Introduction to OpenMP
Introduction to MPI
Introduction to Condor
Introduction to OpenCL
Intermediate OpenCL
CUDA Intermediate
Introduction to Xeon Phi
Introduction to Scientific Visualisation
Introduction to ParaView
Introduction to Avizo
Introduction to Image-based Modelling


No training is currently scheduled to take place at Newcastle


Introduction to Linux
Introduction to Iceberg
Introduction to Matlab
Introduction to High Performance Computing
Application Development for HPC using Fortran
Application Development for HPC using C
Application Development for HPC using Matlab


High Performance R
Introduction to YARCC
Beginners Introduction to the Linux Shell
Beginners Android App Programming
Python Programming
Research Computing related modules in Maths

Training Co-ordinators

For training information please contact your local helpdesk: