1. AKA FLAME – an agent based modelling framework
  2. www.flame.ac.uk
  3. Website is extensive
Running xparser
  1. module load york; module load libmboard xparser
  2. There is an issue with the installation in that non-absolute paths cause it to fail and so currently $N8HPC_XPARSER should be used which uses this path. This is being looked at.
  3. $N8HPC_XPARSER somexmlfile.xml where somexmlfile.xml contains a model specification, with additional options for bespoke .c} files. Test files are held in${N8HPC_XPARSER_HOME}/tests/testX with X=1..6
  4. Note that only the serial version is installed at present.


Licensing and Systems that have xparser
  1. Cannot find a licensing statement as yet.
  2. 2009-10 (i.e. from SVN on that date).


Further Information
  1. When building xparser the location for libmboard has to be hard coded into the Makefile and so it is not flexible in terms of the version of libmboard that may be used. It is not designed for typical configure, make, make install set up.
  2. Currently there are issues with how it is accessed as noted above.
  3. First point of contact should be the York help desk.